Perpetual Flowers, is a composition made with flowers of different kind and size, each one made completely by hand assembling together iron, sequins and fabric leaves.
Decorative elements of high artistic craftmanship proposed in combination with vintage vases. Flowers can be reproduced for bespoke projects while the vases are unique pieces. 

Available in LARGE and SMALL size.



Cabarè tray is a daily object but also a decorative item for your table and house. It’s made with Valentina Giovando’s own original technique, using wood covered in precious fabrics, fiberglass, geometric and floral decorative elements created with metal, nails and sequins. Classic-style handles are in matt brass. 

Available in two different versions.



Omaggio a Paolo Emilio Gironda

Iron frame convered in gold leaf, iron spirals covered in gold leaf, fabric, glass and crystals. Bronze arrow and tail handmade by Debora Bosoni with lost-wax casting technique 
size: w 90 x d 40 | h 130 cm


Natural iron, painted iron, trimmings, crystals
size: diam. 65 | h. 140 cm

“Inspired by and dedicated to my mother”

Pale pink, elegant and delicate, is the signature color of this chandelier from the new 2016 collection. Chains are knotted, waxed and coloured in a graded shading and then assembled to form a series of flounces crowned by a wreath of flowers and precious painted trimming. The crude iron chains are softened by waxed glass drops and pearls running through the entire circumference of the chandelier.


Bed tailor-made achievable or through the re-imagining of an antiquated or vintage beds. The bedposts and the footboards are covered by precious textile decorated with brass kentia motif inserts. The finishes are in brass and velvet while the attachment of the overlapping materials, like the fiberglass that defend the surfaces, is completely handmade with nails and studs.


Doors tailor-made achievable in wood, textile, fiberglass and geometrical and floral patterns. These patterns are cut-metal-sheet, shaped and nailed completely handmade. Moons are realized in iridescent sequins, while the frames are made by trimmings fixed with brass nails and studs.


This little table top, ideal as nightstand, but also as decorative reliable support in the living room or in a studio, is a pursuit because it has been performed using an antique furniture. The nightstand is covered by precious textile in kentia motif, fiberglass, brass, with metal in naturalistic motif inserts and finished with trimmings, nails and studs.


A desk that reminds to the atmosphere of French saloons of the 1700s. The red-purple of the textile that covers the front is jazzed up by brass handles and by little golden flowers. Top and sides are decorated with metal flowers and textile of sequins characterized by delicate shades. Brass and studs details, fiberglass as trait d’union between textile and metal and, of course, nails, one by one hand-hammer.



Minor imperfections and variations in the shapes or colours are a typical indication of hand-crafted fabrication.
If you notice any small imperfection, you may be assured that this will not diminish its value in any way. 
Individual features such as fabrics and other materials’ colours may vary.
The product images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the products.