​Pieces of furniture, furnishing accessories, chandeliers and lamps, but above all, suggestions, atmospheres, research, craftsmanship and Italian refinement. Behind each creation by Valentina Giovando there is a unique world, a life style, a research that goes through both the history of design, of interior decoration, of fashion and the history of art and literature.


Lives and works in Sarzana, in Liguria, and for over 20 years is dedicated to the production of a new style. Her style is personal and full of splendour that she declines in the interior decoration through a range of high-craft artistic products. All these products are completely hand-made.

A research that involves across the world of art, design, literature and tradition that translates into furniture, chandeliers and design works. The influences are a lot: a sophisticated Parisian interior from the 1700s, the sinuous figures of an art nouveau window, the refined stage clothes of an actress of the 1800s, a medieval or samurai suit, but also the art of African people with their jewels and tribal texture, the exoticism of colonial atmospheres or the elements coming from the natural, animal and vegetal word.

Everything contributes to create unique and original pieces that mix ancient and modern, primitive and industrial, poor and precious materials, in a fascinating mix, by the capable Valentinaʼ and her artisanal team hands.